Breast Feeding is the Most Natural Way to Feed Your Baby
Nothing Builds the Bond Between Mother and Baby Like Breast Feeding
The Calories Burnt During Breastfeeding Can Help You Lose That Baby Weight

While breastfeeding may not seem the right choice for every parent, it is the best choice for every baby.

~Amy Spangler

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Done with Breastfeeding, What Now?

If you're anything like me, then you loved breastfeeding. It had its ups and its downs but it made my boobs look amazing. They were bigger and they had a bit of weight to them. I loved that they finally had a¬†purpose other than looking good in a low cut…

Gestation and Lactation

Gestation The human gestation period is usually around 280 days or 9 months although this is only a guide as some babies can be overdue by a considerable amount of time, although more worryingly, some babies can be very premature. This video shows you the growth of a baby from…
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History of Breastfeeding

Can studying the past and in particular, their views and customs around infant feeding help us to understand current reactions and ideas toward this subject? Breastfeeding has existed for as long as mammals have roamed the earth, so it is certainly not a new thing. Finding information on ancient views…
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7 Funny Breastfeeding Photos

For all you super moms out there who give it your all every day and always put your kids first. These pics are for you. I know you don't get much time for anything other than your children so that's why there's only 7 of them because you haven't got…

16 Breast Feeding Myths

1. Many women do not produce enough milk. Not true! The vast majority of women produce more than enough milk. Indeed, an overabundance of milk is common. Most babies that gain too slowly, or lose weight, do so not because the mother does not have enough milk, but because the…